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July 2, 2014 - No Comments!

NEW PROJECT – Pulse by Nissan

Last year (2013) in May I had the chance to present this exciting project at Nissan Design Europe as part of the MA Textile Futures (now Material Futures) course. I wasn't able to upload it before because of the privacy agreement but finally here it is.

The name of the project was Emerging Cities / Emerging Trends and the idea was, as the name indicates, to explore the emerging behaviours and scenarios in cities that are now witnessing accelerated growth.

Fulfiling a personal fascination with spies I chose Moscow between three cities (Lagos, Nairobi and Moscow) and you can see the results here.



El año pasado (2013) en mayo tuve la oportunidad de presentar este interesante proyecto en las oficinas de Nissan Design Europe como parte del MA Textile Futures (ahora Material Futures). No podía publicarlo antes por motivos de privacidad pero finalmente acá está.

El nombre del proyecto era Emerging Cities / Emerging Trends (Ciudades emergentes / Tendencias Emergentes) y la idea era, tal como el nombre lo indica, explorar los patrones de comportamiento y contextos emergentes en ciudades que presencian un crecimiento acelerado.

Satisfaciendo una fascinación personal con los espías escogí Moscú entre tres ciudades (Lagos, Nairobi y Moscú) y los resultados los pueden ver acá.

Espero lo disfruten.

June 27, 2014 - No Comments!

IMMINENT BODY – Secret Tumblr revealed!

And continuing with the Imminent Body fever I can now show you the secret repository I kept throughout the project.

I used it to store references and it tells a bit about the visual and aesthetic journey of the project. You can find a wide variety of references, from Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes' quotes to stunning images of Yohji Yamamoto or Hussein Chalayan's work.

It is here: . Please feel free to drop by and use the references you need or to add me as your Tumblr contact 😉

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To recover information

David Boring by Daniel Clowes

Making this webpage has been a bit of an archaeologic work. Last year I switched to a laptop because my old computer died, I lost a big part of the information I had in its hard drive and I desperately saved the most urgent folders (three) before not being able to turn it on again. RIP.

Well, the thing is that now we have got a super cool device that has been a sort of saviour and a link to my past where you can plug your old pc hard drives and read them. What does this mean? Well, I am taking more time than what I thought to make this page because -surprisingly- I had more work done than what I remembered.

What makes us remember projects? There are really nice things I didn't have in mind until I opened that hard drive, a lot of interrupted work, unfinished projects and of course rubbish ideas that don't deserve any time at all. I guess I just set up my mind with a smaller group of more complete or finished things that I wasn't ashamed of and sticked to them for these last three or four years. This is also a sign of not taking myself seriously enough for a long time, because even when an idea can be a piece of real and genuine crap at least deserves some time or space in our hard drive to take a look at it every once in a while and get inspired by its incompletion or perhaps knowing what is that we don't want to do again in case we don't like it.

I will keep looking between my files and uploading projects to my portfolio in case you are interested. Please be patient, it takes some time!