A “hatch” is a graphic pattern used to represent one material in technical drawing. Each of these hatches is a surface representation of a physical material such as concrete, gravel or sand. The convention establishes that once this pattern is applied to a surface, this surface becomes the material.

What is HATCH about?
HATCH is a homage to the abstract mindset required for technical drawing in architecture and design, to the unseen part of the design process. Exploiting the uncanniness found in the interpretation of tactile surface design into computer generated graphics, HATCH acknowledges the digital tools used by architects and designers in their creation process. These exact tools are used to design a collection of monochromatic fabric that recreates the experience of working in a CAD environment. As each pattern represents a material, unexpected invitations can come out of this exercise: please, come and dine on this gravel. The first outcomes of this project were presented at Milan Design Week as part of the collective All Things in Between in Ventura Lambrate 2015. The prototypes for the textile products were showcased at the Dutch Design Week 2015 at the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) in Eindhoven.

Technical details 
Composition: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton, woven in Santiago de Chile at Siena