How can we prepare ourselves for the reality of a failure? 19th july 1989, Denver airport. The flight 232 from United is ready to depart. An hour and seven minutes after takeoff a fracture that waited eighteen years to collapse makes the tail engine explode. A Nitrogen impurity that can make a plane crash. The micro imperfections that are skipped in controls and cause a failure faced to the ability of a captain and his crew to save most of the passengers and face the improbable with calm and confidence. 

Materiality of a Failure takes the imagery of space missions and car racers to question the level of purity a material can reach and uses this event (United Airlines flight 232 1989, Sioux) as an excuse to criticise how we simulate life in firm land while we are travelling through air as a denial of the potential disaster. A prop suit was designed and tailored for the video using lo-tech materials to experiment with the visual language of space missions and the hostess figure as a saviour and incarnation of the imminent danger for this flight. The project was made as part of the  MA Material Futures under the guidance of Nelly Ben Hayoun. 

‘Time is what exists, and the accident is what happens’ Paul Virilio